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Barre & Pilates
Group Fitness Classes

Barre & Pilates

Stretch, tone and tighten in these ballet-inspired classes, no experience required. They're so fun, you might not even notice the burn!


Below are the Barre & Pilates classes we offer. Check your club's studio schedule for times, and don't forget to make a reservation!

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Tone and tighten your tiniest muscles for that long, lean look! No dance experience required. Join us for a fun workout using the barre for balance, plus hand weights, gliding discs and Bender Balls.


Barre Above® Silver

Active seniors will love Barre Above® Silver, which will help you work on your balance, posture and body awareness. Using the barre for support and incorporating gliding discs, hand weights, Bender Balls, and your own body weight, this class will leave you feeling stronger, leaner more powerful! Each class will provide progressions so you’ll feel comfortable and successful even in your very first class.


Barre Fusion

In Barre Fusion, we combine our favorite parts of ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength training. Instead of the barre, this class uses gliding discs, hand weights, Bender Balls, and your own body weight, to deliver the burn and strengthen & lengthen your muscles Barre Fusion is great for all fitness levels.



Strength. Stability. Balance. Awareness. A stronger you starts with Pilates! Meet us on the mat for a welcoming class that will show you how small movements can have big results in creating lean, long muscles. Pilates is a class for all fitness levels.

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