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Group Fitness Class Etiquette Image

Group Fitness Class Etiquette

Hundreds of group fitness classes happen across In-Shape clubs every week. Thanks to our motivating instructors and wide variety of classes, our members LOVE Group Fitness. Have you tried a class yet? Just like other parts of the gym, there’s an etiquette for group fitness classes. Follow these guidelines to make your class the very best it can be!


Dress for Class

We always want our members to be safe, which means wearing appropriate clothing. For most classes this will mean athletic attire and close-toed shoes. For some mind-body classes, like Yoga and Barre, you can wear grippy socks, go barefoot or wear non-slip shoes. We want you comfortable and safe no matter the format! If you’re not sure what kind of clothes and footwear are appropriate, please ask.


Warm Up

Get to the gym early if you need some extra stretching or warming up before class starts. Your instructor will have a warm-up planned, but everyone is different, and you may need more time to get your body ready.


Arrive on Time (A Little Early)

Make sure to arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled class time. Certain classes, like BODYPUMP®, will require more time for setup. Setting up your equipment after class has started is dangerous for other members, so please plan ahead! If you arrive early and the previous class is still inside, wait until they exit before entering.


Introduce Yourself

Tell your instructor if this is your first time taking the class and they’ll make sure you have everything you need. If you have an injury or physical limitations, this is a great time to let them know, as they can provide you with modifications, so you get the best workout for your body that day!


Turn Off the Phone

Please switch your phone to silent and keep it where you won’t be tempted to use it. We know that for some people, having your phone is necessary and taking a call outside of class is sometimes unavoidable. But if possible, do your mental health a favor and block out your calendar for those sixty short minutes.


Watch out for Newbies

If you see someone who looks nervous or is having trouble performing parts of the workout, show extra kindness and encouragement. Trying new things is hard, and we should celebrate those willing to step out of their comfort zones.


Avoid Chitchat

We love that you’ve made friends in your group fitness classes, but talking can be distracting, and we don’t want you to miss a minute of your workout. If you find yourself doing a lot of talking, ask your friend to catch up after class. You can always grab a smoothie together or go out to lunch.


Stay Until the End

Sometimes it's tempting to skip the end-of-class stretches, but they’re an important part of a proper cool down. Make staying 'til the end a habit, as those few minutes of cooling down your body and stretching those muscles have tons of benefits!


Clean up after yourself

Please wipe down your mat, put away your weights, and don’t leave anything behind. We want our group fitness rooms to be ready and welcoming for the next class.

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