Swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and individual medley. It’s a great individual activity, but can also be done on teams or in groups. Plus, going for a swim doesn’t have to be as hard as training for an Olympic medal. Here’s our list of top reasons to get in the pool and get going:


It’s a Low-Impact Exercise

Swimming is a very low-impact exercise—in other words, it’s not tough on your joints. If you have arthritis or any other joint problems, swimming should be your immediate go-to exercise.


It Builds Lean Muscles

Swimming utilizes all of your body’s muscles, which means you’ll develop long, lean muscles in the pool that help boost your metabolism (and keep your calories burning longer).


It Helps Strengthen Your Heart

Swimming laps increases your heart rate, which strengthens your heart. The more you practice, the more endurance you’ll have—and that means the stronger your heart will be.


It Relaxes Your Body

When you swim your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and relaxed—which is exactly how you want to feel this summer.


It Makes You Smarter

Smarter? Well, yes, it does actually. Regular exercise, such as swimming, improves memory function and thinking skills, which is especially important as we age. It also improves mood, anxiety and stress.


It’s Great for Kids, Too

Swimming regularly helps kids beat obesity, and is recommended to keep kids healthy. It helps them with their endurance, strength and flexibility, too. Plus, it shapes them into healthy kids who then become healthy adults.


Burn Calories

Did you know that you can burn more calories swimming than you can jogging? It’s true—one hour of vigorous swimming can burn as much as 715 calories, while the same amount of time running at 5 mph burns only 606 calories. So don’t wait any longer—get into the pool!


If you aren’t a huge fan of swimming laps, In-Shape offers a variety of water classes such as Aqua Zumba®, Water Works and Aqua Tone.