School’s out, so we’re looking for ways to get the kids away from their electronic devices, out of the house, and moving their bodies instead! Here are 10 fun ways for your kids to get in some exercise while having a ton of fun.



Freeze Tag
This one’s a classic for a reason. You need at least three people, and more people equals more fun.

Obstacle Courses
Use household objects to build a course in your backyard or at a local park.

Bike Rides
Go on a long bike ride together, or you can run while the kids bike!

Kids Classes at In-Shape
Our Kids Recess and Zumba Kids classes are included in our kids membership, so don’t miss out! Click here to view all of our clubs with kids classes, or check your app.

Play Catch
Increase the challenge by having each person stand on one leg, or try to catch using only your non-dominant hand.

On hot days, most kids will be more than willing to spend some time splashing around at the pool. Reserve a cabana for you and the family or join one of our monthly community poolside playdates!

If you haven’t played this schoolyard game in a bit, now’s the perfect time! Parents Magazine offers some fun new variations if you’re looking to mix it up.

Great for all levels, this racquet sport is fun for the whole family! Reserve court time on your app or sign up for a Pickleball clinic.

Run A Race
Maybe you and the kids run short sprinting races at the park, or if your kids are older, you can train for a virtual race (running or walking) together.

Classes on In-Shape Digital
Too hot to play outside? Take a movement break and enjoy In-Shape Digital’s kids classes, or try one of the adult classes that are great for kids, too.