From the motivation to work hard, awesome beats, and the community vibe to the total body workout, leaner legs and killer calorie burn, indoor cycling is an awesome workout to add to your weekly routine. In honor of the cycle game changing here at In-Shape and the exciting things coming, we’ve pulled together all the amazing benefits of cycling in one easy to reference guide.


Happy pedaling peeps! 

1.	Motivation to work hard 2.	Killer beats  3.	Full body workout 4.	Leaner legs 5.	Tighter glutes 6.	Community spirit 7.	Burn calories  8.	Strengthen stamina 9.	Decrease stress levels 10.	Long term well being 11.	Great for all ages 12.	Minimizes risk of heart disease 13.	Burn 500-600 calories 14.	Ride 15-20 miles in one class 15.	Sleep better 16.	Low risk (no cars!)