Summer is around the corner. Whip out those tank tops, muscle tees and sleeveless dresses with confidence knowing your arms look as good as they feel with these quick exercises that sculpt strong, toned arms.


To build stronger shoulders and achieve that coveted V-Taper or just tone up for tank tops, you’ll want to develop your deltoid muscles. The deltoid muscle is located on the outside of the shoulder. It’s the one responsible for shoulder flexion (lifting your arm forward), shoulder abduction (lifting your arm out and away from the body), and shoulder extension (moving your arm behind your back). While there are a lot of other muscles that make up the shoulders, focusing on toning up the deltoid is an easy way to notice a big difference. 


The chest is made of two muscles, the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. They’re near the shoulder joint and run across the front of the body to your breastbone. The pec minor is underneath the major and they fire together to enable you to perform a bench press.


The triceps are, yup, you guessed right, made of three different parts. The lateral, medial and long heads of the triceps are connected to the humerus and scapula bones.  The triceps primary function is to straighten the elbow. It’s also a common concern for those looking to tone up the arms in general to prevent ‘bat wings.’


If the triceps are made of three muscle heads, can you guess how many the opposing muscle, the biceps have? We knew you were more than just a pretty face! The long head and short head of the biceps actually start and connect in the same spot – from the scapula down to the forearm. The biceps are responsible for lifting your forearm to your upper arm.


And finally, to round out our focus on the upper body, we have a few exercises that will recruit the latissimus dorsi muscle. It is a large, flat muscle on your back that stretches to the sides, behind the arm and is party covered by the trapezius on your back. It’s the largest muscle in the upper body, so if you’re looking to tighten for summer, best not ignore!


Add these to your arm days and start eyeing up those new tank tops – you’re going to want to show off these gains all summer long. Need help? Just ask a Trainer or better yet, sign up for your free biannual KickStart! Happy sculpting!


Shoulder press

Triceps kick backs

Push ups

Side plank

Standing V raise

Triceps extensions on the TRX

Kettlebell with bent over row

Bicep curl 

Chest fly

Upright row 

Concentration curl 

Triceps dips 

Lying triceps extensions (skullcrusher)

Close grip bench press 

Rear deltoid fly