Fitting in a quick sweat sesh makes it a lot easier to stay fit this summer, when you’re working a double shift, have a big deadline or just a busy social schedule.


Since even the busiest of you can make time for a 20-minute, total body strength workout, we asked In-Shape Fitness Manager, Andrew Sterkel to pull something together. He designed this strength training circuit from our signature MOVE7 Training System – our certification program for all In-Shape Trainers. 


After you warm up, do three rounds of 30 seconds of work at each station. You’ll then have 30 seconds to rest and transition to the next station. Take one minute of rest between each of the three rounds.


What are you weighting for? You’ve only got 20 minutes, so get to it!


Warm up: 2-3 minutes of movement (Jump rope, Rower machine, Marpo Rope machine)


Strength Training Circuit: 


3 rounds of 30 seconds of work at each station, 30 seconds to transition and rest.

60 second rest in between rounds.


1. TRX Row

Keep your shoulders down and back. Standing tall, pull your elbows back, squeeze your mid-back for one second, and lower down to starting position.



2. Loaded Squat

Use a Kettlebell or dumbbell to add challenge. Hold the weight at your chest, sit your hips down and back as you bend knees into a 90-degree angle. Push through your heels to stand back up.



3. TRX Chest Press

Facing away from the wall or anchor point, lengthen the straps fully. Stand tall, brace your core, lean forward with your arms straight. Lower yourself by pulling arms back with your elbows bending to a 90-degree angle. Then push yourself back up through handles to starting position. 



4. Loaded Deadlift

Place a kettlebell or dumbbell on the floor, bend at the hips, slightly at the knees and keep your lower back engaged and flat. With your arms straight, lift the weight up using your legs and glutes. Then hinge at the hips to set the weight down.



5. Band Iso-Hold

Anchor an exercise band or cable to the wall or a machine. Face perpendicular to anchor point, step away until band is tight and hold it in both hands. Press hands away from the body and hold hand outward with straight arms. Do 12 seconds on each side.



Cooldown: 2-3 static stretching