Small steps can lead to real change! Here are 7 achievable goals to help you get moving (and get healthy) in 2021. How many can you complete in the next 7 days?



1. Make a reservation and check out In-Shape Outdoors

We have lots of options to get you moving: tennis, pickleball, pools, group fitness classes, weights, cardio, spa…and more!


2. Drink 64 oz of water throughout the day

Keep refilling that bottle! Water can increase energy and help you lose weight.


3. Run your first (or next) mile of 2021

Don’t forget to tell us about it in the In-Shape Run Club Facebook group!


4. Try a new group fitness class every month in 2021

We offer BODYPUMP®, cycle, dance, HIIT, aqua, yoga and more—every month, try a new class to mix things up and find new workouts you love.


5. Get 7+ hours of sleep a night

Getting enough sleep improves productivity and exercise performance—plus, you’ll feel way better. Click here for tips on getting better sleep!


6. Hop on the rowing machine once a week

This full-body exercise engages your legs, back, core and arms. Click here for a great first workout.


7. Walk 5,000 steps a day in 2021

If you’re already a super-stepper, try doubling your daily step count.