Life gets busy and sometimes fitting in a workout can be harder than relearning Algebra. Even on days when we have more time, motivation can wane and the thought of spending an hour at the mall is much more appealing than spending an hour in the weight room. Luckily you don’t have to devote half your day to training to reap the benefits of exercise – in fact frequency and consistency are arguably more important. 

With busy schedules in mind, we spoke to In-Shape’s Trainers to bring you three 20-minute workouts that will burn fat, build muscle and get you in and out of the gym in no time (well…technically 20 minutes but who’s counting!).


Lunch Break Beef Up:

Briana R. our Client Experience Manager at In-Shape Palmdale East created this workout to fit in perfectly with your lunch break. There’s enough time to change, workout, shower and get back to work! It is best suited for intermediate level and will challenge your entire body including balance, coordination, and endurance.  


Complete 4-5 rounds of the following with 1 min rest after each round. 


20 x TRX® Body Saw 




20 x Renegade Row 


renegade row


20 x (10x each leg) TRX Pistol Squat to Reverse Lunge 


renegade row


20x (10 each side) Lateral Med Ball Throw


renegade row


Full Body Power Up:

Andrea F., our product manager of group training created this tough 20-minute workout that focuses on fully body power and strength, conditioning, postural development and core strength!

 Block 1 – 8 Min EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

Complete 10-20 reps of each exercise and rest for the remainder of minute

Even minutes: Push-Ups (10-20 Reps)


renegade row


Odd minutes: Deadlifts (10-20 Reps) 


renegade row


Block 2 - 12 Minute Circuit (3 Rounds of 40s work: 20s Rest) 

Complete as many as you can in the time allotted to work

Dumbbell Snatch


renegade row

Weighted Dead Bug 


Overhead Press 


renegade row


Farmer Walks 


renegade row



Advanced Amp Up:

Andrew S. from our Palmdale West club loves this quick 20-minute body-weight workout because it can be done anywhere, without equipment, and has a warm up and cool down component built into it. This workout uses a few uncommon, more advanced exercises so be sure to connect with a Trainer at your club if you have any questions.


3-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Warmup

Inch Worm x 5 reps




Alternating Scorpions x 10 reps




Alternating Lunge & Reach x 10 reps



15-minute AMRAP Work Set

Hand release Pushup x 10 reps




Bodyweight Kang Squat x 10 reps



Alternating Single Leg Bridge x 10 reps




Quadruped Plank x 20 seconds



2 Minute Cooldown

Alternating 20 second hold: Upward Dog & Downward Dog x 3