Ever tried using a Bosu ball? This unique piece of equipment can be used for SO many exercises, you just need to know what to try! Our favorite use for the Bosu ball is improving balance.


Balance training is often overlooked in the fitness world, but that’s probably because people don’t realize how important it is. Balance training will improve your coordination, body awareness, long term health, and can even prevent injuries in your everyday life. You can add these three balance exercises to any workout routine. 




Bosu Ball Plank

1. Bosu Ball Plank

This one’s super simple, but you’ll feel the burn FAST. The plank is an awesome isometric exercise that engages your core and lower back. Give your plank a balance-challenging boost by adding the unstable surface of the Bosu ball.

  • Place the ball dome-side down on the floor.

  • Begin in a plank position with your hands on either side of the Bosu’s rim. Keep your hands directly beneath your shoulders and keep your hips lifted so you maintain a flat back.

  • Hold for 30 seconds. Take a break to stretch and repeat. (If that’s not enough, feel free to hold that plank up to 60 seconds!)



Bosu Ball Squat Holds

2. Bosu Ball Squat Hold

We already know squats are amazing at working your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. But have you tried it on the Bosu ball for some serious core work?

  • Place the ball dome-side down on the floor.

  • Step one foot and then the other onto the Bosu ball, keeping your feet wide. Focus on something steady to help you keep your balance!

  • Once you feel comfortable standing on the Bosu ball, perform a squat, keeping your core engaged.

  • Hold the squat for twenty seconds, then step off the ball to shake out your legs before you repeat. Work up to a longer squat!



One Legged Tadasana on the Bosu Ball

3. One Legged Tadasana on the Bosu Ball

One Legged Tadasana (also known as One Legged Mountain Pose) is a great standing balance pose you can practice anywhere. Once this pose feels easy, try it on the Bosu ball!

  • Place the ball dome-side down on the floor.

  • Step onto the Bosu ball towards the center and find your balance.

  • Slowly raise your other leg and arms.

  • Try to hold this pose for thirty seconds, then switch legs.