During the rush of the holiday season, we can all feel like there’s not enough time to make it to the gym. But did you know you can break up 30 minutes of exercise into three 10-minute or two 15-minute chunks when you do have time during the day? Here are some tips that’ll give you exercise ideas that can be incorporated right into your holiday plans.


Walk While You Shop

Is your day filled with stops at stores for a little holiday shopping? Guess what—you can easily fit in exercise! Park your car far away from the store you’re going to in the parking lot, and power walk until you make it to the entrance. If you have the opportunity to take the stairs while shopping—do it! Also, if you’re taking public transportation, get off a stop or two in advance and walk to where you need to get to.


Clean Up Before Guests Arrive

That may seem silly since you were planning on doing it anyways, but tidying up your house actually counts as exercise if you can get your heart rate up to a constant level for at least ten minutes. This can include, but isn’t limited to vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping and taking multiple trips up your stairs to put things away.


Fit in a Little Travel Exercise

Are you travelling this holiday? That’s great news because there are still super-easy ways to make exercise part of your days. If you’re flying or taking the train or bus somewhere, take a brisk walk around the terminal while you’re waiting to depart. Once you get to your destination, walk fast to pick up your baggage. If you’re driving, add some physical activity into your pit stops.