While many of us are excited to be back working in a physical office, it can be difficult getting in as much movement as we could during that WFH life. If you used to walk around the block between meetings or squeeze in a workout during your lunch break, you might find yourself feeling antsy by the end of your shift.


Here are three easy ways to add movement back into your schedule to help you feel alert and focused through your entire workday.



1. Use the restroom on a different floor

As long as you’re staying adequately hydrated, your body will make sure you get up for stretch breaks—so when it’s time to take a restroom break, head to the restroom on a different floor and use the stairs.



2. Set a timer

Many fitness trackers offer movement reminders that will buzz each hour if you don’t take enough steps. If you don’t have a fitness tracker, set a timer on your phone every hour so you make sure to get up, stretch and get in some quick steps. Virtual calendar reminders to take longer walks on your breaks can be helpful, too—as long as you don’t ignore them!



3. Take a walking meeting

If your meeting is with someone outside of the office, phone meetings can easily be done while you get in some steps. If you’re meeting with your team in person, suggest a walking meeting instead of sitting together in your stuffy office. This works especially well for brainstorming meetings, since movement will help get your creative juices flowing!