With the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, it can be hard to keep your healthy habits up. While getting to the gym early in the day is a great way to guarantee other responsibilities don’t knock you off your workout wheel, we know it is hard to make it to the club some days.


So, we’ve pulled together a 31-day squat challenge for the month of December, that you can do during your workout at the club, or throughout your day if there is too much on your plate to physically make in.

 31 Day Squat Challenge

Level down, level up: The number of squats increase as the month goes on, so break them into sets throughout your day to make sure you reach the daily goal. If you’re a seasoned squatter, feel free to add weights to really feel the burn.


Show us your squats: We’re all in this together, so make sure to share your daily squats on Instagram or Facebook with #InShapeSquatChallenge and #InShapeAttitude. We’ll share our favorite posts on our Instagram stories!


Now, let’s do this!

 31 Day Squat Challenge