Summer is definitely in full swing – the sun is shining, the kids are home from school and backyard BBQs fill your weekends. And what’s says summer more than 4th of July parties? Work up an appetite for those hot dogs and ice cream by working out in the morning and then peppering in a few of these fun activities to burn calories all day long (without noticing)!



1. Play in the pool

I’m no weather man, but if the 4th is anything like the last few weeks, it’s gonna be a scorcher so hit up a pool for some summer fun in the sun. Swimming (even leisurely) keeps your body moving and the calories burning. Did someone just say Marco?! Sharks and minnows anyone?


2. Pump the volume

Turn up the tunes and shake what your mama gave ya! With a ton of new summer anthems to rock out to, burn calories while you make lasting memories.


3. Grab a game

Frisbee, Hide and Seek, Catch and races like potato sack or wheelbarrow are a great way to bond with family and friends, have fun, and burn calories at the same time.


4. Use two wheels (or legs) to get there

If the fireworks display is only a short distance away, consider hopping on your bike to make your way. Better yet, walk. Just be sure to wear reflective/bright clothing and take a flashlight when walking or biking at night!



Clubs are open until 4pm on the 4th, but check out our website for modified class schedule and Kid Zone hours. Have an awesome holiday!