1. Okay I’m here. It’s this room right?

2. No one is here yet… I guess I am 20 minutes early.

3. Should I leave? Do I have to do this?

4. I’m here. I’m going to do it, no going back now.

5. People are finally showing up. Which one is the instructor?

6. I’m just going to stay in the back.

7. People are grabbing weights. Should I grab weights?

8. I’ll grab a pair of 5 pound dumbbells. That should be enough, right?

9. Oh that one is the instructor!

10. Should I tell her I’m new, or play it cool?

11. Eh, I’ll play it cool.

12. The room is filling up. I thought I was in the back row, but not anymore.

13. Man, everyone here knows each other! They must be regulars.

14. Oh they’re stretching; maybe I should do that too?

15. Alright, quad stretch.

16. Oooh… gotta work on that flexibility.

17. It’s class time already? That 20 minutes went by fast!

18. Music’s on. Here I go!

19. This song is my jam! Can I freestyle dance instead?

20. No no, I don’t want to embarrass myself yet.

21. How does everyone already know the moves?

22. Okay, so three reps of bicep curls, then what?

23. Are we supposed to be doing it to the beat?

24. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

25. Whoa whoa, when did we start doing this?

26. Wait, so now I need to be on the floor?

27. Would it look bad if I took a break? I seriously need a breather.

28. Oh I need a mat. Can I get up or is that not allowed?

29. I’m just going to go for it. It’ll be my break.

30. I got the mat. Now which side is the right side up?

31. This looks like the right side!

32. Now I’m in plank. Seems pretty easy.

33. Oh dang! We’re holding this for how long?

34. That minute went by super slow! Now class is almost over.

35. Perfect! Five minutes of stretching.

36. Wait, that’s still going to hurt though.

37. That was probably the best workout I’ve had in years!

38. I don’t think I will be able to walk tomorrow…

39. It’s okay, like the instructor said, “sore today, strong tomorrow”

40. I can’t wait to come back! (with my bestie of course!)