We all have a million things to do in a day, but that doesn’t make working out any less important. Your health should be a priority. Incorporating fitness into your day to day life is easier than you think. It doesn’t always have to be a hardcore, intense workout. It can be as little as parking farther away, taking the stairs or going for a walk on your break. Here are five everyday fitness tips to help keep you on track:

Schedule in a workout  

You’re more likely to stick with your workout if you put it on your calendar. It works as a reminder and a motivator. Putting time aside for your workout makes it a priority.

Do something you enjoy

 Making fitness fun is a great way to keep you devoted to your workout. Find a fitness activity you enjoy and add it to your workout routine. It’s not work if you’re having fun.

Vary your activities

Working out can become tedious and tiring, especially if you’re doing the same exercises every day. To keep from plateauing in your fitness, change things up. Delegate different days for different muscle groups throughout the week. Take a group fitness class, play tennis, go for run or set up an obstacle course at the park.

Exercise with a friend

Everything’s better when you have someone to enjoy it with. Working out with a friend can keep you motivated and accountable. Go to the gym together… You can push each other. Get competitive and challenge each other. See who can do the most sit-ups or push-ups. Set goals and accomplish them together.

Factor in Fluids

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important. Water helps increase stamina by fighting muscle fatigue. Often, when you’re under-hydrated it’s more likely that you’ll underperform. Drinking water will keep you energized and help you stay on track to complete anything, whether that’s a daily task at work or your daily workout.

Adopting healthy habits is important. Start off simple, don’t over extend yourself right away, it may discourage you. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a race, it’s a daily process. Take it step by step and use the tips above to help guide you in living healthier.