According to In-Shape’s resident nutrition expert, Jason Coulie, bloating is generally related to sodium intake from a previous meal. So, to de-bloat and blast that belly bulge, you need to flush the system of the excess water its holding on to.


Feeling a little full? Pack your diet full of these 5 foods to beat the bloat.


Sauerkraut/KimChi (and other probiotic-rich foods)




Probiotics are those good bacteria that live in the gut. They reduce bloating and help you digest the food you eat. Sauerkraut and other fermented foods like kimchi are chock full of probiotics, so add them to your diet to protect your gut from being overtaken by bad bacteria that can wreak havoc on the system. 


Green Vegetables


green beans


Not only do veggies help you feel full so you don’t overeat and build the bulge, but they contribute to a healthy digestive system and cleanse the body. Pretty much anything green goes, from asparagus, to cabbage, to leeks and of course Pop Eye’s favorite, spinach! 


Andrea Franco, one of In-Shape’s personal trainers and nutrition experts, says in addition to these benefits, they’re packed with prebiotics and fiber. “Prebiotics essentially become nutrient sources or fuel to feed the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut,” says Franco. Prebiotics work with probiotics to battle inflammation (aka belly bloat!). So, load up to lean out.


Chia Seeds


chia seed smoothie


With 10 grams of fiber in two tablespoons, and packed full of protein and healthy fats, chia seeds are a great choice when the belly is bulging. They help you stay fuller for longer to support your weight loss efforts.  


Coconut Oil


coconut oil


Coconut oil is a great source of healthy fats that can reduce bad cholesterol and maybe even that stubborn fat around the midsection. It’s also great for digestion and boosts immunity. Try cooking with it instead of your usual oils or add it to your coffee! If you haven’t tried it already, check out our bullet coffee recipes here or on our Instagram stories for some inspiration.


Lean Protein




Breaking down protein is tough and your digestive tract has to burn energy to do it. So, throw some lean protein on your plate to help blast belly fat. Think of lean cuts of beef or chicken, fish, eggs and turkey and activate your calorie burning machine.