Barre has exploded across the country over the last few years. With tiny movements that promise major transformation, you’ll tone up and lean out without lifting heavy weights.


So, what it is this miracle workout? Barre is a combination of Pilates, yoga, aerobics and strengthening exercises that dancers do. Sometimes classes use a ballet style bar to support the movements, while others leverage the tiny movement philosophy without using a physical bar. Barre is a total body workout that engages the core throughout so you’ll whittle that middle in no time.


If that’s not enough to convince you to raise the barre on your workout routine, check these 5 reasons out:



1. No experience necessary

Barre yoga classes

With no experience necessary, barre delivers results while keeping the workout fun and dynamic. You don’t have to be a ballet dancer, flexible or even graceful to do it. Anybody and every body can do it.


2. Delivers results

Barre yoga classes

It’ll improve muscle definition and posture, help you lose weight, increase your flexibility, reduce stress, thin your thighs, tone your abs and lift your seat. It’ll leave you saying, “Oh my quads,” alllll day long. While it will burn calories, the focus of this class is on building strength, tightening, lifting and sculpting. Plus, the more muscle you build, the higher your metabolism will be.


3. Busy day friendly

Barre yoga classes

Unlike cycling, running or some other sweat intense workouts, barre usually doesn’t leave you dripping. This is great if you have a busy day – squeeze in a workout, spray some dry shampoo, change clothes, add a spritz perfume and keep going. No one will be the wiser ;-)


4. Low impact

Barre yoga classes

Barre is easy on the joints and generally has a low injury rate. Since you’re not jumping, quickly changing direction, lifting heavy weights or sprinting the risk of walking out with a sprained ankle is relatively low. It’s safe to say this trend is here to stay.


5. Good for the body AND the mind

Barre yoga classes

With the emphasis on proper alignment and small movements, concentration is key. It’s a great way to practice living in the moment and leaving your thoughts, and to do list, at the door.


In-Shape is launching barre classes in select clubs on November 11. Don’t fret if it’s not at your club yet. Check for locations near you and we can’t wait to see you at the barre.