Even when we’re far apart, we love our fitness community, and that’s why we’re hosting a virtual 5k: so we can all train and race together safely from our own neighborhoods. But maybe you’ve never participated in a race and aren’t sure this event is for you.


Here are five reasons you should sign up for In-Shape’s Quarantine to 5K – even if you’re not a runner.


1. You don’t actually have to run.

Plenty of people who participate in 5Ks walk the whole race. Others might start running and later walk to the finish. Some running coaches recommend a strategy of switching off between running and walking every few minutes. Whatever gets you to that finish line!


2. …But signing up might make you want to.

Having a race on the calendar might motivate you to give running a(nother) try. And while training for the event isn’t a requirement, we have three coaches for different running levels ready to encourage you and help you train. Plus, joining our In-Shape Run Club Facebook group is a great way to see what other runners are doing to train and motivate you to get out there and get your own running selfie.


3. Virtual runs are convenient.

Although the race “officially” kicks off at 9am, you can complete your 5K race at any time of day on May 9th. Best of all, you can complete the entire race in your neighborhood. That means that this running event has no parking problems, no long lines for the Porta-Potty, and no reason to feel nervous or intimidated.


4. You get a cool race t-shirt.

There’s something so sweet about swag you get for completing a race. One day, when you’re having trouble finding the motivation to work out, you’ll pull out your Quarantine to 5K t-shirt and remember how good it felt to cross that finish line.


5. Finishing will motivate you even more.

Setting a goal and crushing it will prove to yourself just how much you’re capable of. And that new confidence will help you keep moving forward on your running—and fitness—journey.   


Quarantine to 5K


Join us for a Virtual 5K on May 9th!

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Remember to abide by your city’s guidelines on being and training outside during this time.