Now that we’re spending more time at home, it’s the perfect time to develop your green thumb (even if keeping plants thriving hasn’t always been your strong suit). There’s something so rewarding about growing and eating your own food, so keep reading for some easy ways to jumpstart your backyard-to-table experience.

1. Be conscious of climate
Start with low-maintenance foods that thrive in the California climate. We love zucchini, strawberries, tomatoes, rosemary and squash.

2. Leave room to grow!
Space your plants apart with enough room for growth through the season.

3. Forget-me-not
Set a timer to go off every morning with a reminder to water your veggies so you don’t forget. The morning is when plants will “drink slowly” and take in the most nutrients.

4. A family that grows together
Get your kids or the whole family involved. Post photos of your garden plot or ask knowledgeable friends questions as they arise. The more people you tell, the more accountability and pride you’ll have in keeping them growing.

5. Soak in the inspiration
Start pinning recipes now that incorporate your garden ingredients. It’ll help keep you motivated and get you inspired to cook healthy, home-grown food!

Tag us in photos of your at-home garden - we would love to see it!

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