If you’ve been feeling tight from your workouts or just want to move a little better, here are 5 ways you can step up your stretch game! You can choose 1, 2 or all of them to implement daily.

1. Hydrate
Since muscle is mostly water (around 75%), if you are dehydrated it’ll negatively impact your muscle flexibility. So, make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day!

2. Foam Roll
There are so many different options for foam rollers – different lengths, textures, densities (how hard it is), but a great place to start is a moderate roller. Foam rolling increases blood flow and muscle activation to improve your flexibility, reduce soreness and crush your workouts!

We recommend the Mobot which is not only a travel foam roller but also a water bottle! This handy tool will not only step up your stretch game but also eliminate space in your gym bag. We also scored a sweet deal for you to grab one. Click here for your exclusive 30% discount with the code INSHAPE on all MOBOT purchases.

3. Massage Ball
A massage ball will do everything a foam roller will do with a more targeted sensation. This is great for those hard to hit areas or deep knots in the glutes, chest and shoulders. You can use a lacrosse ball, softball or a ball made specifically for increasing mobility.

4. Percussive Device
Once you are ready to really take your stretch game to the next level, a percussive device is the way to go. It does everything a foam roller and massage ball will do plus more. It will vibrate into the muscle and distract it from discomfort, which allows you to dig deeper into the muscle and improve your results!

Check out some options in our store here.

5. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!
All of the gear and toys are fun, and they can almost replicate a deep tissue massage, but nothing will replace dedicated stretching daily. We recommend spending 15 minutes a day working on your mobility. You will be amazed at how quickly you will see results, usually within a couple weeks, with dedicated, daily practice!