Walking is an awesome way to stay active as a family, but we’ve all been there: two blocks in, the complaining starts. With the boundless energy kids seem to have, why do they give up during a walk? We asked Coach Josh what he does to keep his kids happy and motivated.



Coach Josh + Son

Coach Josh explains that the reason kids give up is simple: walking is hard and not fun. So…how do we make walks fun? Keeping your kids engaged throughout your walk will help them not focus on the hard part (walking) and allow them to enjoy an adventure with their parents. Whether you play a game or race them, creating memories together that link fun with fitness will set them up for a healthier life. Here are all of Coach Josh’s tips!



1. Make It An Adventure

Create a treasure map or search for animals (Coach Josh’s kids love to find roly-polies at the park).


2. Play Games

Play I Spy With My Little Eye or 20 Questions. These games help kids engage with their surroundings and get the most out of their time outdoors.


3. Make It A Race

Set up a racecourse around your block! Use sidewalk chalk for obstacles or decide that every light pole is a start or finish line. You can also walk to a nearby park and race on the grass. Coach Josh loves to use school parking lots on weekends since they have crosswalks that make great starting lines.


4. Bring Back-up

Snacks and water are essential! Also consider bringing a stroller or wagon—unless you want the resistance training carrying them back home.


5. Let Them Set The Pace

Go as fast or slow as they want. If you want to get a run in, let them ride their bike or scooter and try to keep up with them!