Tennis Court

Playing tennis is a great way to get a workout with a competitive edge. Tennis develops your aerobic fitness, by burning fat and improving your cardiovascular health. It also improves your anaerobic fitness, ability to accelerate, leg strength, and body coordination. Tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, which may generate new connections between the nerves in your brain. It may also increase your vigor, optimism, and self-esteem while decreasing depression, anger, and anxiety.

If you are a beginner looking for a solid foundation, or an expert looking to make a difference in your game, here are five tips for tennis that may help you out!


Practice the fundamentals of a proper serve.

The stance, toss, and weight transfer are just a few fundamentals of a proper serve. Your beginning stance should be balanced and positioned in a way to let the rest of the steps occur easily. The toss of the ball should be consistent and placed in an effective spot. Practice your toss to find the sweet spot that you can hit every time. Your weight transfer is important to use your body’s momentum in the serve. This will bring the proper power into your hit.


Stretch to improve your mobility and footwork.

It’s important to be able to move quickly during your game, and one of the key components of great footwork is flexibility. Injuries such as muscle and tendon pulls can decrease significantly if you are conditioned and flexible. Make sure to stretch your muscles every morning and night, and keep them warm while you are playing. Try taking a yoga class at your nearest In-Shape Health Club if you need extra help with your flexibility and mobility.


Create a mental game plan.

What do you focus on when you play tennis? Are you thinking about where you don’t want the ball to go? If you continually say to yourself “don’t hit the ball in the net” your brain pictures the ball hitting the net, which may make you hit the ball in the net. Try creating a mental game plan, and picture where you want the ball to go. If you’re new to tennis, try making a habit of creating a mental game plan and you are already ahead of your opponent.


Practice shot preparation.

Preparing for your shot is just as important as the shot itself. There are two elements to good shot preparation: footwork and racket preparation. Your footwork should get you to the ball fast and efficiently. There are various types of steps you can take, such as split-step. Your racket preparation is important to generate power into your hit. Timing is critical; your swing should be taken during your step. Practice your shot preparation daily and it will become second nature to you.


Use depth to your advantage.

Keeping the ball at the back of the court is going to be your greatest advantage when you first start playing tennis. Using this type of depth forces your opponent to make one or two additional shots, this may lead to them making a mistake. Keeping your depth will give you better control of the court. Practice taking shots from the back of the court to avoid hitting the ball too low and into the net.


If you are interested in trying tennis, or you would like help from an expert, check out our website to find tennis training near you!