How many times have you heard, “Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day”? We all know staying hydrated is important. Staying hydrated is a great way to increase your energy, help you lose weight, get glowing skin, prevent headaches and keep your body running the way it is meant to. When the weather is hot or humid, we need to drink even more water to make up for lost fluids.


But…what should we do if we just really don’t like the taste of water? What if 8 glasses a day feels like a struggle? Luckily, we can be hydrated by more than plain water—but some beverages can cause spikes in blood sugar. Instead, we have 5 hydrating, healthy drink ideas in our list below. Stay hydrated with these healthy ideas for naturally flavored water!



1. Fruit Infusions

Infusing water with fruit is a delicious way to add flavor to your drink. Refrigerate water with your choice of fruit for at 2-4 hours to let the flavors infuse. Citrus, melons and cucumber are classics, or you can get more adventurous with Strawberry-Cucumber water or Blackberry-Mint water.


You can infuse your water and then strain it, drink the water with your fruit at the bottom, or purchase an infuser bottle:


2. Iced Tea

Iced tea is an awesome way to hydrate, and it can be a healthy choice if you find a tea you enjoy without sugar. Brew 3-4 tea bags in 4 cups of filtered water. Let cool, then transfer to a pitcher and keep in the fridge. If the tea is too strong, just add more water.


Our favorite teas for sugar-free flavor? If you like caffeine, try your favorite chai or a blackberry sage tea. If you plan to drink this all day, go for a caffeine-free choice like peppermint, jasmine, raspberry zinger, or rooibos tea.

Some of our favorite teas:


3. Add a Squeeze of Citrus

You’ve probably asked for a lemon slice for your water at a restaurant, so why not make your water at home feel a little fancier, too? Fresh lemon or lime also offer some additional health benefits like improving skin quality and aiding in digestion.


4. Try Some Juice

Mix in a dash of unsweetened juice like cranberry, pomegranate, or grape. This is extra fun in sparkling water.


5. Flavored Ice Cubes

When you fill your ice cube tray, try adding finely cut herbs like mint, basil, or thyme. As the ice melts, the flavors will be released into your water. You can also skip the water and freeze juice, tea, or pureed fruit: raspberry and pineapple are our faves.



We hope something on this list helps you up your water intake in a way you love. Stay hydrated! 




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