According to the Calorie Control Council, many Americans will consume as many as 4,500 on Thanksgiving Day! That’s at least twice as much as a person’s daily calories just one irresistible, delectable and hearty meal of appetizers, dinner and dessert.  And while it might only come once a year, it can be the catalyst for jumping off your fitness wagon the rest of the holiday season. So, we have five easy tips to follow, so you can feel healthier after this year’s giant Turkey Day feast.


Tip #1: Do NOT Skip Breakfast

No matter how much you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, don’t skip out on one of your meals for the day. Doing so will only make you feel hungrier when it’s time to grub, and you’ll most likely end up eating more than you would normally.


Tip #2: Exercise in the Morning

Schedule your workout in around the festivities and menu planning. Even just a quick 15-minute workout can help boost your metabolism. In-Shape is still open, just with modified hours, and even has Kid Zone hours so you can get your workout in and then get on with your holiday festivities. If getting to the club is just too hard, take a walk around the block or go play football outside with family and friends. Any activity is good activity.


Tip #3: Use a Smaller Plate

This one actually makes a big difference. Try using a smaller plate than your regular dinner plate. With less room, you’re less likely to pile the mashed potatoes and stuffing sky high. It might even surprise you how much you can still fit on a smaller plate. Bonus points for filling it with veggies and salad first, then the other stuff.


Tip #4: Slow Down and Chew Your Food

This tip may sound silly, but take some time to savor your food, instead of just stuffing your face. By slowing down the pace of your dinner, you can feel fuller sooner, which means you won’t eat as much. Pay close attention to your body and try to stop when you’re satisfied not stuffed.


Tip #5: Get Back on Track the Next Day

Friday is not a holiday. Limit your intake of leftovers and start your day by eating a healthy meal and getting in some sort of activity. If you get back to your regular routine, Thanksgiving won’t have a huge impact on you and your health.