Is your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle? If so, it can be hard to carry out your new lifestyle goals all year long. Here are five ways to help you stick with your resolution throughout the entire year.


1. Write Down Your Reasons

This may sound silly, but it’s one of the most important things to do after you make a resolution. Sit down and write down your reasons for wanting to reach your resolution. Then, post them up on your fridge, bathroom mirror or somewhere else where you’ll see them daily. It’ll boost your motivation, and keep you going strong.


2. Set Goals

You should also always write down your goals to make sure they sound attainable. Don’t set goals you know aren’t reasonable because you’re setting yourself up for failure that way. If you feel like you can achieve them, then you can!


3. Find a Workout Buddy

It’s always easier to get a workout done when you’re with a buddy. Plus, having someone around keeps you accountable for actually showing up to your scheduled workouts. With a bud, you’re less likely to skip a workout for an excuse like, “I’m tired.” It’s best to someone who has a similar fitness level to your own, so you can help keep each other in good spirits.


4. Snap Photos for Motivation

That’s right—try marking your progress with a picture. Take a full-length picture of yourself at the same angle every couple of weeks, and compare your pictures as you go. If you’re staying true to your diet and exercise routine, you’re sure to notice a difference.


5. Reward Yourself

Along your yearly journey, check in and reward yourself for good behavior. Once you’ve met a few short-term goals, then reward yourself with a treat that reflects that change in your lifestyle. For example, if you’ve lost a few pounds, buy yourself a new shirt, or if you’ve stuck to your workout routine for a whole month, get a massage.