Staying healthy isn’t magic—you just have to follow some smart guidelines every day. Here are six tips to help your family celebrate a cavity-free, healthy Halloween.   


1. Get Moving

Between Halloween-themed get-togethers and trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, carve out some time to be active. Take a light run and do some weight training to help you get up and going.


2. Eat Well

Don’t spend this Halloween filling up on junk food and sweets like candy. Give yourself healthier options and nutritious treats. If you have a ton of candy left over from passing it out at your door, do yourself a huge favor, and just get rid of it.


3. Care for Your Teeth

This one might sound silly, but we’re not laughing—especially when it comes to cavities. When going on a candy binge, never forget to care for your teeth right away. Brush with a fluoride toothpaste every day to keep nasty cavities at bay.


4. Play It Safe

Take precautions to stay safe while out trick-or-treating with your family or friends on Halloween night. Watch out for cars, use reflective gear, walk with a group, and carry a flashlight—you’ll be glad you did.


5. Scare Away the Germs

Don't get spooked by the flu or a pesky cold. Wash your hands frequently, and steer clear of places (like your office) if people are passing around a bug.


6. Don't Be a Zombie

Sleep is so important—even on Halloween. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night, so hit the hay earlier if you’re not already getting that much sleepy time. It not only will help you stay healthy, but will help you fight diseases, too