There are a lot of great reasons to work out at home, but if you’ve been doing the same push-up and crunches routine, you’re probably getting a little bored. Your first stop should be our virtual fitness classes which we’re currently previewing for free. If you want to add a little something different a day or two a week, we have 6 unique workouts you might not have tried yet. Variety is the spice of life, so get moving!



1. Play Workout HORSE

Remember playing HORSE on the basketball court? Challenge a buddy to a game of Workout HORSE. Each day, one of you takes a turn choosing one of our virtual workout for the two of you to complete, then you and your friend send each other a sweaty selfie as proof. If someone is “too busy” or doesn’t have a good reason for skipping their workout, they get an H. The first person to spell HORSE loses. This is a fun way to stay connected to your workout buddy and keep each other motivated through friendly competition.


2. Get Out Your Old Toys

Dig through your garage and dust off your roller skates, rollerblades or skateboard and pump up the tires of your bike. Now is the perfect time to see if you still know how! Don’t forget to dust off that protective gear, too.


3. Have A Ball

If you have someone who’s willing to play, a game of Frisbee is a great way to get moving. You could also play catch with an old baseball or kick a soccer ball in the backyard. If you’re working out solo, you can kick the ball against a wall or practice solo soccer skills.


4. Get Futuristic

The future is now! There are lots of fun ways to combine technology and fitness if you know where to look.


If you’ve never tried Zombies, Run!, it’s a running app that tells you an interactive story as you get your miles in. If zombies aren’t your thing, check out their series of New Adventures for stories like Dinosaur Dash or Run To The Deep. Or you can sign up for our next virtual race and join the In-Shape Run Club for a daily dose of inspiration and a daily workout plan.


If running’s not your speed, the makers of Zombies, Run! have another story app called The Walk. Or, believe it or not, Pokémon GO! is still going strong. Even if you were never a fan of the franchise, you might be surprised how motivating this game can be!


Remember Just Dance, the game on Wii that had everyone moving and grooving ten years ago? Today’s version is called Just Dance Now, and you use your smartphone instead of a controller. If you want to bust a move without the competitive element, try a virtual dance workout.


5. Kid Around

Jumping rope is a way harder workout than you remember. Same for the hula hoop: prepare for sore abs tomorrow!


If your kids have sidewalk chalk lying around, you can use it to make an agility ladder for agility drills, create an obstacle course, or just play hopscotch.


Active games like Twister, tag, and the floor is lava can also be a great workout.


6. Follow Your Childhood Dreams

Always secretly wanted to be a ballerina? Take a beginner’s virtual ballet class (or try one of our virtual barre classes). Or maybe now’s the time for you to learn how to do a cartwheel or handstand! Your arms will be burning in no time.