The warm weather is starting to arrive and if you are anything like us, your mind has turned to getting ready for summer activities and swim suit weather.  We’ve put together these seven tips to help you rock a healthy and happy summer.


1. Ditch the Liquid Calories

Did you know that many people are consuming thousands of calories a day just from liquid drinks? From specialty coffee drinks to sodas and fruit juices, plenty of liquids have tons of sugar in them. Here’s our tip—stick with water. You’re sure to feel better when you drink just water. Plus you can always spruce it up by adding fruit to it.


2. Turn Off Your TV

This one might be easier said than done, but while you’re watching TV, not only are you most likely just sitting on your couch, but many of us also consume extra calories, too. So seriously, turn off your TV, and spend that time being active outdoors or catching up on your favorite shows at In-Shape’s cardio theater.


3. Start with Veggies

At dinner, make your first course a salad or vegetable-based soup. Why? Well because you’re more likely to fill up on healthy veggies and you won’t have as much room to binge on carb-based sides like mashed potatoes or mac and cheese.


4. Use Your Grill

Grilling is not only an easy way to cook, but when you’re grilling your meals they’re are healthier, too. Just throw some fish or meat on the grill with veggies and bon appetit!


5. Cut the Carbs (Sometimes)

We’re not saying to cut carbs every single day all the time, but what we are saying is try to cut them out a few times a week when you’re not craving them as much as usual. Try it for a month and track your results—you’ll see what we mean.


6. Don’t Eat After Dinner

This one makes a big difference. Close your kitchen after dinner. An easy way to do this is to drink water or herbal tea at night when you feel like you need something. You can even start your bedtime brushing and flossing routine early to keep you from eating late at night.


7. Choose Healthy Snacks

If you’re eating healthy meals, but loading up on candy, ice cream and chips at snack time, then you’re still hurting your health. Try trading those junk-food snacks in for things like almonds, fruit or veggie sticks.