by Sarah Bernard, Host of The Thread,

Since mini skirts and shorts are around the corner, it makes sense that we'd start to think more about what we’re eating, what we should be eating and what we’re eating way too much of (hello, cupcakes). 

1. Ditch liquid calories. Between coffee drinks that masquerade as ice cream sundaes, sodas full of high fructose corn syrup and super sugary fruit juices, you may be consuming thousands more calories than you realize. Joy'€™s suggestion: stick with water but make it more interesting by tossing in slices of cucumber, lemon or oranges.

2. Turn off the TV and head outdoors. This one may sound obvious, but it'€™s important advice. Yes, "Glee" is starting again (thank God). Yes, "Dancing with the Stars" is heating up. But if you'€™re like me, while you'€™re stuck to the couch you'€™re not only NOT burning calories, you'€™re consuming them. I'€™ll settle in to watch a show and suddenly I'€™ve eaten a whole bag of pretzels without even tasting it!

3. Start dinner with a vegetable first course. Joy suggests starting with a salad or a non-creamy, broth-based vegetable soup because the fiber and water content will expand in your belly and as a result you'll be less likely to overeat when you get to the main meal.

4. Love your grill. One of the great things about grilling is that it makes a cook out of anyone. There's nothing easier than throwing fish and veggies on the fire. You don'€™t have to add anything and they end up with flavor.

5. Strike starchy carbs a few nights a week. Sometimes I think, '€œWell, if it'€™s whole grain it'€™s ok!'€ but Joy suggests, even just a few nights a week, skip the starchy carbs (pasta, bread, grains) altogether. You'€™ll be forced (in a good way) to load up on lean protein and vegetables instead.

6. Close the kitchen after dinner. To stop yourself from going back for more €”especially as the days get longer and the time between dinner and bedtime extends,€” put closure on your meal by drinking some herbal tea or brushing and flossing your teeth!

7. Eliminate the extras. A few M&Ms here, a few crackers there. . . it can all add up€” again, without you even realizing it. If you can cut out the "in between" eating, it will pay off.  

For more healthy eating ideas, check out Joy'€™s new book '€œSlim & Scrumptious'€ which I am in love with. My favorite: her crispy kale and crispy Parmesan chicken. Easy and delicious. 

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