Staying motivated to work out is hard enough when you have access to everything at the gym. So what are we supposed to do without our usual home-away-from-home? Even the most fanatic gymgoers are having trouble shifting to an at-home routine, so don’t stress if you’re having trouble. Check out our tips to help you commit to your fitness at home.

1. Set A Concrete Goal
“Getting fit” isn’t specific enough. How about getting strong enough to complete 20 perfect-form push-ups, or improving your endurance so you can run a mile without stopping? Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based) Goals means you’ll know what you’re working towards and help keep you motivated. If you want a goal that includes encouragement, motivation and training rolled into one, sign up for an In-Shape virtual race.

2. Dress For Success
Even though no one can see what you’re wearing, putting on athletic clothes helps shift your mind into “workout mode.” And if you haven’t shopped in a while, treating yourself to new workout apparel might be the boost of motivation you need.

3. Create A Dedicated Workout Zone
Set aside space just for working out. You’ll need room to move around, plus some space for weights, a yoga mat, or any other equipment you’d like to use. Find a good way to prop up your phone, tablet or laptop to make it easier to follow along with our virtual workouts.

4. Make A Plan
If you previously kept a strict gym routine, try developing a fitness routine for your week at home. Take a look at our online fitness schedule and choose your classes for the week, then put it in your phone calendar (and set alarms if needed).

5. Hold Yourself Accountable
Did you know you can set up a watch party with friends on Facebook? That means you can watch any of our previously streamed workout classes on separate devices and comment on them together in real time! It can also be fun to work out together on webcam, participate in a group fitness challenge or send sweaty selfies back and forth after completing a workout.

6. Mix It Up
If you find you don’t enjoy your favorite gym workout as much at home (or a lack of equipment gets in the way), this is an opportunity to try new things. Maybe at the gym you’re a powerlifter, but who’s to say you’re not an at-home yogi? Challenge yourself to try new things. (BTW, this is the perfect time to try a dance fitness class if you’ve been too nervous to bust a move in public.)

7. Keep It Short
If you feel yourself getting bored with hour-long workouts at home, that’s okay! For many people, keeping focused while working out at home just isn’t happening. We like to keep our virtual classes under the 30-minute mark. Even 5 minutes of dedicated movement a day will help you keep up a routine.