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Welcome to the In-Shape Member Buzz, where you’ll find constantly updated information on club activities and events, resources on how to stay healthy and fit, and stories about In-Shape members who are shaping their lives in inspiring ways.
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  • Get Fueled

    Why You Should Add Green Tea To Your Drink Rotation

    May 14, 2021

    Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? Well, research shows that it might be worth swapping your coffee for green tea on occasion – or even just adding a cup or two to your daily drink rotation. Read more

  • Get Fueled

    Get Your Protein With Chia Seeds

    May 7, 2021

    Did you know that chia seeds have more iron than spinach and twice the potassium of bananas? Chia seeds are also a great source of fiber and a complete protein. No wonder they’re considered a superfood! Read more

  • Get Fueled

    Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With These Recipes

    May 1, 2021

    Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a party or just want to add some festive flavors to dinnertime on May 5th, we’ve got recipes to make your Cinco de Mayo more special. Read more

  • Get Fueled

    10 Healthy Snacks In The Air Fryer

    April 23, 2021

    Obsessed with your air fryer? Us too. We love the air fryer because it’s faster than roasting in the oven, doesn’t heat up your kitchen, and it makes it super easy to create healthy, whole-food snacks at home. Let’s get snacking! Read more

  • Get Fueled

    5 Nutrition Myths You're Probably Falling For

    April 9, 2021

    In the world of optimal nutrition and weight loss there are misconceptions aplenty. We spoke to Dr. Jinger Gottschall, research and science advisor for the American Council on Exercise, who clears up the confusion by spelling out some facts about diet and exercise. Read more

  • Get Fueled

    How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

    April 2, 2021

    Having trouble hitting the hay and staying there? If you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea enthusiast, or devotee of energy drinks, is it possible that your caffeine habit is to blame?  Read more

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