Charles AtakoraCharles Atakora currently coaches basketball for the Boys & Girls Club of America’s Tracy location. He teaches kids ages six to eight the fundamentals of the game, while helping them build discipline and self-confidence.


What sets Charles apart from most people is not only his sincere commitment to his community (he commutes each day to San Francisco for work and still finds the time at the end of the day to make time for the kids on his team), but his drive to continue to expand opportunities for those who want to learn and grow. He recently created and funded his own academy called CAHopps Academy to give all types of players a place to practice. The academy takes youth players, high school players, college athletes and adults and gives them the support needed to stay motivated. It gives them a place to work toward their own dreams, whatever those may be.

Charles continues to enrich the Tracy community and spends his free time doing so. If we had more coaches like Charles, who knows what we could all amount to?