Trick or treat, dark meat or white meat, to give or to receive. Do I only get to choose one? If only you can have it all; the candy, the food, and the desserts. Are your pants starting to shrink just thinking about how nothing can prepare you for what is to come? No, but I do feel bloated. I believe that the best offense is a strong defense. Does that mean: not eating anything, avoiding seconds, laying off the wine, saying no to Grandma’s homemade pie, wearing a really tight girdle, or counting every single calorie until the new year begins?  Of course not, with the immense number of ways to hold yourself accountable during the upcoming holiday season, I have an idea that will hopefully help you to keep your sanity and the same pants you’re wearing.

The key to your holiday success is not in what the scale measures, but in making sure you can still wear the same pants that you have on right now on the first day of 2013.  Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans that they love regardless of how they fit. Sometimes you have to force them on or you fall right into them, put them one with leg at a time or try something new. Whatever the case may be, those pair of jeans can be the answer to the most common weight gaining season. You stop taking care of yourself and sleeping well, as you are beginning to eat poorly and too much. By not having to worry so much about a baseline measure that is so finite, like inches or pounds, jeans allow you to find your baseline size, even while you do your Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday would be a perfect time to pick up a pair of jeans. It could be those that you have had your eyes on, those ones  you were waiting to go on sale, in your size , or even find a pair that may fit you just a little tight. Regardless, try them on, buy them, and put them away until January 1, 2013. This would give you just a little over five weeks to make an effort to get into those jeans.

Please be aware that different brands make their sizes different; that being said, you should not buy a pair of jeans more than two sizes smaller, even two would be pushing it, if you haven’t tried on that pair in your current size. You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment by buying without trying them on of course. If jeans aren’t your thing then choose: a pair of slacks, a skirt, shorts, gym shorts, yoga pants, etc. If you’d rather save some cash and dig deep into your closet to an older pair of jeans as a goal, then that works just as good. I think you get the idea here, just find something that you can have as a goal to wear.

Being prepared is critical in anything you do during the holidays with travel arrangements, buying enough food, and making sure it’s all ready at a set time. You owe it to yourself to try a new way to avoid the holiday weight; whether it’s maintaining your size or just trying to get a jump start on that New Year’s resolution, find a size of jeans to hold yourself accountable to. Being prepared can definitely be promising in your strategy, simply remember these steps:  either dig in your closet and try on, or try on and buy, then store away until New Year’s. Plus, it’s a good excuse to buy something, you deserve it.

Santos Ahmed Lara, CSCS