It’s the newest plant based, dairy-free alternative to hit the shelves of every supermarket in town and now appearing on the menu at most hip coffee shops. It’s packed with essential nutrients like vitamin A, B12 and D, and rich in fiber. So what is this ‘heart-y’ beverage? Well it’s oat milk of course.


What exactly is it and is it even healthy? We’re diving into the details to find out more.



Oat milk is a vegan alternative to dairy milk that’s made by blending water and oats, and then straining out the liquid. Some recipes call for soaking the oats for 30 minutes prior to blending in order to make the texture a little thicker, but others skip this step.


According to, oat milk on average is higher in protein than popular unsweetened alternative milks like almond, cashew, coconut or rice. It brags a whopping 3 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving. With that said, soymilk, pea protein milk and traditional dairy milk come out ahead with a solid 8 grams of protein per serving.


Oat milk also packs a fiber punch: fiber secures top spot on the podium at 2 grams per serving. Compare that to zero in dairy milk or 1 gram in soy or almond milks. It has also been known to help lower blood cholesterol, boost immunity and prevent anemia.


It’s incredibly creamy which makes it an excellent alternative to dairy milk without the saturated fat. So you can easily say cheers to things like lattes and other “milk” based treats.


It’s vegan-friendly like many of the other milk alternatives, but it’s also cheaper and more environmentally friendly to make than almond.


Ready to give it a try? We’d recommend Oatly, Califa Farms and Oat Yeah by Silk. Happy sipping!