Ready to take the intensity up a notch? A “finisher” is an exercise you do at the end of your workout to make sure you’ve used up all the gas in your tank. Finishers can improve your mental toughness, which is extra important for athletes but can offer anyone an extra boost of confidence. Finishers also make sure you feel satisfied when you head back to the locker room. (Post-workout endorphins, anyone?) When you can only squeeze in a short workout, add one of these finishers to make sure you don’t leave any gains behind.


1. Farmers Walk

This exercise is pretty simple, but it works your arms, core and more. Stand between a pair of kettlebells at a heavy weight you can safely control. Bend down, folding at the hips (not bending your lower back) and exhale as you pick up the kettlebells. Tighten your abs and keep your pelvis tight. Walk for 30 seconds. Repeat for 5-10 minutes.


2. Run the Rack

Choose dumbbells at a weight you can use to perform 8 reps of hammer curls. After completing your first set, use one of the dumbbells to do overhead triceps extension – as many as you can with control. Rest for 20-30 seconds. Choose dumbbells that are 5-10lbs lighter and perform again. Repeat until you’re out of dumbbells!


3. Battle Ropes Finisher

Battle Ropes definitely work your arms, but you’ll find this is really a full-body workout. Work 20 seconds, then drop into a side plank for 40 seconds. Continue this pattern for 5 minutes, resting when needed.


Battle Ropes