Kids are going back to school, meaning it’s time for you to go back to class! Group exercise classes are a great addition to your daily workouts. Depending on the class, the average amount of calories burned range from 140 to 800! Besides burning calories, there are many other benefits from working out in a group exercise class:

Yoga Class

CHALLENGES YOURSELF: When you work out by yourself, it can be easy to slack off during your least favorite exercises. In group exercise classes you are more likely to work out harder. It is easier to challenge yourself physically under the watch of an expert instructor; something you can’t do alone. Don’t worry, if you try hard you will always receive an A+ from us. 

FITNESS FRIENDS: Attending group exercise classes can be very social. As your child makes new friends in school, you can make new friends in class. You can meet new people who have similar lifestyles or fitness goals as you do. Making friends in a group exercise class will get you off the couch and into the gym.

MOTIVATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Working out in a group setting, where everyone is working towards their goals, can motivate you to push yourself to your limits. Group exercise classes will make you accountable for showing up, just like an appointment. You don’t want to disappoint the instructor and your new fitness friends!

VARIETY AND CONVENIENCE: You will never get bored! There are a variety of classes to choose from that suit your needs. Need more cardio? Try out a ZUMBA® class. Are you sore from your workout yesterday? Stretch out in a Yoga class.

In-Shape Health Clubs offer multiple classes a day for your convenience; check out your club’s class schedules at our website or you can download our app for the class schedule on the go! Try attending a class right before you pick up the kids from school.  Most classes last less than an hour, so group exercise should fit into your day nicely.