Sticking with your workout plan is a whole lot easier if a friend joins in. Not only will they motivate you to keep going, they’ll just make everything more fun. Here are some other reasons to grab a bud before you hit the club:



You’ll Actually Like Working Out More

In a study from the University of Southern California, adults who worked out with friends said they enjoyed exercising more than those who got sweaty solo. Think that’s a coincidence? It’s not—how many times have we all tried a new fitness routine alone, only to find we fall back into bad habits.


You’ll Feel Less Stressed

According the International Journal of Stress Management, people who rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes with a friend said they felt calmer after their workout than those who cycled alone. Want to know the craziest part? Some of these duos didn’t even talk—it was just the idea of having a companion around that gave them peace of mind.


You’ll Quit Quitting

When it’s just you in charge of your workout schedule, it’s easy to play hooky when you’re not in the mood to move. However, you’re way less likely to skip out when you have a friend around to hold you accountable. Plus, you’ll reach your goals faster that way.


You’ll Break Out of Your Routine

When you work out alone, you tend to get into the same old routines that you eventually start dreading.  A workout buddy can help you break out of that routine and switch things up to make your workouts more fun and keep things interesting all around.


You’ll Stay Social

There’s more ways to stay social than checking your Facebook page. When you work out with a friend, that exercise time doubles as a hangout session. You can get your friend fix in without having to meet for an unhealthy happy hour where you’ll overindulge in calories.


You’ll Push Yourself Harder

Think your workout buddy is in better shape than you? Good! People who work out with someone they think is better, stronger or faster than them work up to 200 percent harder and longer than they would by themselves.


You’ll Meet Your Goals Quicker

We’ve already mentioned that you naturally push yourself further and harder with a workout buddy, but when that hard works stays consistent, it’s easier to get to your goals.


You’ll Compete with Each Other

There’s always a way to incorporate competition into your workout routine. And who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? If you’re running, see who can finish fastest. If you’re biking, see who can go the longest distance. Play soccer, play tennis—you get the idea.


You’ll Motivate Each Other

A little motivation can go a long way. Whether it’s just one of those days you don’t feel like working out or you’re finishing up an intense workout, it makes a world of difference having someone to encourage you through the tough times.


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