We love the bicycle crunch. This simple exercise boasts so many benefits! You probably already know it’s good for strengthening your abs and obliques, because you can feel the burn while you complete the movement—but maybe that’s not enough for you. Here are three MORE reasons to add bicycle crunches to your routine.



1. They target your deep abs

By lifting your legs, you fire up your transversus abdominis, or “deep abs.” These muscles support your hips, pelvis and spine to help you avoid injury while working out.


2. Stronger core = stronger body

When you strengthen your core, you’ll see improvements in your endurance, stability and posture. Plus, it can help reduce back pain.


3. They can improve coordination

Exercises that call for simultaneous, opposite motions from your arms and legs can help boost your coordination. Want to work your “coordination muscle” even more? Close your eyes while completing your bicycle crunches!