Love your morning cycling class more than the extra zzz? Look forward to dancing the day away in your evening Zumba class? Or leave Body Pump feeling more than just a little…well..pumped?


Turns out, these group workouts offer us much more than just physical benefits.


Recent research published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found group exercise participants experienced a 26 per cent reduction in stress and improved mental, physical and emotional quality of life.


The small study divided medical students into 3 groups to participate in a 12-week exercise program. One group exercised solo, another did a 30-minute group workout, and the control group didn’t exercise at all (except for incidental like walking or biking to and from school).


Results showed the students who worked out in a group reaped waaaayy more benefits than the other two groups. So, if you’re a solo cardio devotee or only hit the weight room alone, maybe the new year is the perfect time to try one of In-Shape’s awesome group fitness classes, or one of the free monthly bootcamps.


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Tune in to this video to see all the fun you could be having!