Other than cooling off from this summer heat, swimming is a great full body workout. Swimming laps are an easy way keep your heart rate up and build strength in one workout.  As you become an experienced swimmer you can be creative with different strokes. Various strokes work with different muscles, allowing you to build a custom workout that suits your needs. Here are a few benefits swimming can offer:


Develops a strong heart

Swimming laps increases your heart rate, which strengthens your heart. The more practice you put into it, the more endurance you will have. Adding a swim routine to your fitness plan can improve your cardio and recover your muscles.


Low impact exercise

Swimming is a very low impact exercise, meaning it is not tough on your joints. In the pool the buoyancy of your body decreases the pressure on your joints.  If you have arthritis, or any other joint problems, swimming is going to be the best exercise for you!


Builds lean muscles

Swimming utilizes all of your body’s muscles simultaneously. You will develop long, lean muscles in the pool that help boost your metabolism to keep your calories burning longer.


Relaxes the body

Swimming releases endorphins, which relax you. Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that give you a sense of euphoria. They make you feel happy and relaxed, exactly what you need during summer!


Plus, swimming is great for any age and any strength level. Next time you’re at In-Shape take a dip and try a new sport. If you aren’t a fan of swimming laps, In-Shape also offers a variety of aqua classes.

Whether you swim or take an aqua class, give swimming a chance!