For most of us, it was tough to keep up with our fitness in 2020. As you work towards your goals and pledge to #GetMoving2021, you may decide you want to track your progress using a fitness tracker. The best fitness trackers can keep track of your step count, remind you to move more throughout the day, tell you your heart rate, monitor the quality of your sleep, and show the distance you run, walk or hike. Some trackers go the extra mile and calculate your daily stress levels, score your daily recovery and more.


Once you’ve decided what data is important to you, check out our list below to see some of the best-rated trackers available for you to try in 2021.



Garmin Vivosport

Feeling stressed? The Garmin Vivosport monitors your heart rate 24/7 including your heart rate variability, which is then used to calculate and display your stress level. It also estimates your VO2 max and fitness age, two scores you can improve over time with regular exercise.



Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

If the majority of your workouts happen in the pool, this might be the smart watch for you. smartwatch is water-resistant up to 164 feet (50 meters) and offers continuous heart rate monitoring, built-in music storage, and GPS functionality.



Fitbit Charge 4

The Charge 4 is Fitbit’s most advanced fitness tracker yet. Track your sleep and heart rate, get calorie-burn estimates, and wake up when your body is ready with their natural sleep alarm feature. The Charge 4 is also totally swim-proof so you can track your laps.




Worn by top athletes like Michael Phelps, LeBron James, and the NFLers, the WHOOP Strap might be a good choice if you’re into analytics without the fancy screen or notifications. This screen-free device requires a monthly membership, starting at $30/month.



Polar Ignite

If you hate deciding what workout to do, you might appreciate the Polar Ignite. This fitness watch offers a daily training guide that recommends a type of workout based on your recovery, fitness level, and training history.



Oura Ring

Wish you could have a fitness tracker but don’t want to wear a watch? Oura Ring might be your new BFF. Oura monitors your daily habits, reads your body’s signals, and measures your daily recovery to tell you how ready you are to perform at your best. Should today be a hard cardio day or a recovery day? Oura can help you decide.



Amazfit T-Rex

This fitness tracker looks more like a traditional watch, with all the great features of a smart watch and fitness tracker. Reviewers rave about its impressive battery life, comfortable band, on-board GPS and workout tracking.




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