Fitness has never been a guessing game. Serious athletes record times, count calories and measure progress over time. The good news is, it keeps getting easier to track your metrics. In fact, we recommend the three fitness gadgets below because they are wearable, easy to use and rich with useful information – plus, they're just pretty cool.


Athos Fitness Apparel


Our number one pick is a mash-up of fitness gadgets and clothing, and was a big hit at SXSW Interactive 2014.


Slide into the ultra-sleek workout shirts and pants from Athos Fitness Apparel, pop the core module into an inner pocket, and start working out. This futuristic gear is dotted with EMG sensors that transmit data to the core module. The module, in turn, delivers a whole range of real-time information to your iPhone or iPad, including:

- Tracking of 22 different muscle groups
- Heart rate and respiration
- Intensity comparisons - e.g., right arm vs. left arm in bicep curls
- Level of exertion -- to avoid injury, unwanted bulking up, or laziness


While the functionality of this gear promises to be great, the style might be a bit off-putting. If you're not ready for the Spiderman look, try something a bit more conservative. Our second pick among this year's best fitness gadgets is a small wristband fitness tracker.


Jawbone UP 24


These lightweight, flexible wristbands come in small, medium and large with a wide selection of colors. Connect wristbands via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android with an attractive, easy-to-use app. This pedometer, calorie counter and fitness tracker does just about everything you could want your fitness gadgets to do. Some of the best features include:

- Label scanner and food database
-  Compatibility with MyFitnessPal
- Sleep chart
-  Alarm and power nap switch that adjust to your REM cycles

All that being said, this isn't exactly formal wear. You might be looking for something even more discreet -- which brings us to our third choice among the best fitness gadgets of 2014.

FitBit One

Tiny and powerful, the FitBit One clips easily onto your clothes, or easily slips into a pocket if you remove the clip. Despite its miniscule size, the FitBit One does almost everything the Jawbone UP 24 does -- with one major addition that might make it your top choice: it has an OLED display so you can see all of your information on the gadget itself. So, while you can connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth, you don't have to. Other nice extras include:

- Data storage for a day without syncing
- Wristband and clip
- Long battery life
- Easy and comprehensive web account
- Affordable price

Of course, you've still got to put in the effort to get results — but these cool fitness gadgets will make tracking your fitness progress easier and more accurate.