Your everyday activities are burning a lot more calories than you think! Activities like playing with your kids or gardening can actually help you towards your fitness goal.

The amount of calories you burn are based on your gender, weight, and height, but other elements play a role. The examples below are based on the national average of men and women’s body measurements. The average female body is 5’3” 166 pounds and the average male body is 5’9” 195 pounds.

Here are some examples of everyday activities and how many calories they burn. To get a more 

Family walking

accurate measurement, enter your own information in the Calorie Calculator.

Grocery shopping for your BBQ: Summer is the season for outside grilling! One hour grocery shopping will burn 179 calories for women and 211 calories for men. Put away the groceries for 15 minutes and women will burn another 50 calories, men will burn 58 calories. 

Playing with the kids: Spending 30 minutes playing with your kids can burn 298 calories for women, 351 calories for men, and you’ll have fun doing it!

Day at the lake: Summer is all about outdoor time with the family. Kayaking on the lake for an hour will burn 378 calories for women and 445 calories for men. Go fishing for an hour and women will burn 229 calories, men will burn 269 calories, and everyone enjoys dinner that night!

Walking the dog: One hour walking your dog will burn 239 calories for women and 281 calories for men. Your furry friend will thank you too!

Gardening and yard work: Mowing 30 minutes will shave off 164 calories for women and 193 calories for men. Rake up the clippings and trim your bushes for an hour and you will burn another 319 calories for women and 374 calories for men. Plant your favorite flowers in your garden for one hour and you’ll burn 408 calories for women, 480 calories for men.

Painting the house: It’s the perfect time to paint your house while the sun is out. Spending three hours painting your house will burn 1,135 calories for women and 1,334 calories for men. Your to-do list got a whole lot smaller too!

Washing the car: Washing your car on a hot day can be fun, but spending 30 minutes doing it can also burn 169 calories for women and 199 calories for men. Talk about a win-win!