We’ve all been affected by cancer in some way, which is why In-Shape wants to raise $100,000 in 31 days for cancer research as part of our 3rd annual Fight Cancer campaign. We fight for our friends and family, our colleagues, and our members – members like Calvin and Janette Newberry from In-Shape Floyd.

 Photo of Newberry's with the In-Shape Floyd team

Calvin and Janette Newberry met in the summer of 2009 and soon discovered they shared the same heartbreaking title –  widow. Cal lost his late wife to ovarian cancer and Janette’s late husband died of a stroke. Both have two children from their previous marriages.


After connecting online, they chatted for a month before meeting for coffee one day. With their children as their core concern, they moved their coffee date to an almost daily “home date.” The kids would do their homework and play while Cal and Janette would make dinner and spend time together. They soon became a family of six, marrying in April 2010.


Since then the Newberry’s have had their share of challenges. Cal has suffered two bouts of skin cancer and has a family history of kidney cancer. Since he was also pre-diabetic, he started training once a week with an In-Shape personal trainer called Hugo.


In addition to Cal’s battle with skin cancer and pre-diabetes, Janette was diagnosed with thyroid cancer twice – once in 2008 and then again in 2013. She’s also had a number of tumor scares, though fortunately all have been found to be benign.


Through all of these health challenges, staying active was a top priority for them.


At the time of their FitStart, they wanted to look and feel great for a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Janette had a goal weight she wanted to reach and then maintain. Cal wanted to get stronger and keep his pre-diabetes from progressing. Both competitive and determined, they reached and then exceeded their initial goals! They had a dream vacation complete with zip lining and hiking through paradise. When not working out at In-Shape they like to kayak, bike ride and hike.


Their story doesn’t stop there. In July 2017, Janette was diagnosed with breast cancer. While her treatment plan is confirmed, Janette and Cal continue to train weekly with Hugo, eat a healthy diet and have held on to their competitive spirit. This is one fight they are determined to win.


An inspirational part of the In-Shape family, the Newberrys, and people across the state just like them, are the reason we fight.