Ever wonder what the fitness professionals eat for lunch when they’re on the go? We sat down with Coach Andy to find out what she orders from Chipotle to enjoy a tasty meal on the go that supports her fitness and health goals.


So…why Chipotle?


Chipotle allows you to find healthy options and control your serving size. Andy likes that she can choose her ingredients—and how much of each ingredient she’ll eat—to support her activity level for that day.



“I like to order a bowl because it’s customizable,” Andy says. The nutritional content of each meal at Chipotle ranges greatly, sometimes from 500 to 1,200 calories for the same menu item! Order the bowl and you make the choices.



“If I know I’ll be working out later in the day,” Andy explains, “I’ll make sure to include some good quality carbohydrates like beans or rice. These carbs will give me great energy for my workout. I always add the fajita veggies, and the avocado I will order on the side. For me, this is a great pre-workout meal. Quality carbs and fat from the avocado give me the energy I need for a great workout.”



She adds, “If I already worked out that day and am looking for a recovery meal, I would lean towards chicken or steak for protein instead of the carbohydrate-rich beans and rice.”



Don’t forget:

  1. Calories count. Keep in mind your overall caloric needs for the day. One of Andy’s favorite things to do at Chipotle is order a large meal (1,200 calories) and split it up into two meals.
  2. Choose nutrient-dense foods. For instance, beans have more nutrients per calorie than rice (even though both are carbohydrates). Andy may also choose steak over chicken to provide more iron.
  3. Know your low-calorie, high-fiber options!  Load up on veggies, lettuce and salsa and choose smaller amounts of the higher calorie options like cheese, sour cream and avocado for flavor!
  4. Pro Tip: Always get the avocado on the side. If you are going to save half for another meal, it doesn’t tend to keep well. 



Remember, no matter where you decide to eat, you are fueling your body. Look for nutrient-dense choices that fuel your life! Everyone’s body is unique and responds to food in its own way. Pay attention to how you feel after eating and choose foods that give your body good, clean energy for great workouts and a healthy life!