Adrian VeraWe love our coaches, and this week, we’d like to spotlight Coach Adrian who coaches for the Modesto Vikings youth football team.
Adrian himself played youth football in Modesto and so did his whole family. He started coaching when he was a sophomore in high school and still does to this day. He gives coaching his all. When football season starts in July, his friends know he can be found at the field.
Adrian is the kind of coach every person should strive to be. He motivates his players to work hard, and encourages, compliments and inspires them, too. He puts in the time and effort with every kid on his team. He’s committed to making sure his young athletes are champions on and off the football field.He pushes his team to put their whole hearts into the game, but always lets them know taking a loss on game day is okay as long as they tried their best.
It’s hard for Adrian to go around town unnoticed. There’s always a former player who wants to give him a high five or a hug because of his dedication to youth football. Let’s give Adrian a three cheers for being such an amazing coach!