How often do you see men in yoga classes?


The overwhelming answer would probably be, not often. Nevertheless, the number of men partaking in this mind & body style class is slowly increasing as the activity is becoming more and more popular among the dude population. Male celebrities and professional athletes are among the 18% of men who practice yoga in the United States.


Among male celebrities, Adam Levine is a true Yogi whose three go to poses are Headstand I, Half-Moon with hands in prayer, and the One-Legged Koundinyasana II. Actors Matthew McConaughey, Russell Brand, and Robert Downey Jr. are among many actors whom practice yoga to stay fit and mellow. Brand can be found teaching a Kundalini yoga class on occasion with fellow celebrity guests taking his class.


The big men of the NBA including the retired Shaquille O’Neal, Cleveland stars Kevin Love and LeBron James, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Garnett are just a few NBA players who train with yoga. They do it mainly to keep loose, provide therapy and relief, but serves as a calming mechanism for others. You always wondered why they were so agile and finesse on the court; this may be your answer. However, basketball players aren’t the only athletes who’ve discovered the power of yoga; players around the NFL and the MLB have taken up this practice to stay limber, meditate, and stretch.  To name a few, former linebacker Ray Lewis, three-time Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson, Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays, and former Yankee, Derek Jeter are among the many who yoga.


Coaches haves also caught onto this wagon of putting their teams through yoga sessions. The Los Angeles Clippers hire a Yoga expert to come in to work with their players on occasion. The Vancouver Canucks, NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, and New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team also require their players to stretch it out with yoga from time to time.


Among the health benefits, stress and pain relief, increase in balance and strength, and calorie burning effects of yoga, what’s stopping you from mastering the warrior pose? Just know that you don’t have to feel obligated to wear tight yoga pants to a class; however, do be sure to wear something you can move comfortably around in!