Now that the kiddos are headed back to school, it’s time to get back in the groove of packing lunches—but for many of us it’s been a while. Wanna make school lunches as easy as 1-2-3? Use this guide to mix and match your way to a super simple (and yummy) packed lunch. Pick at least one item from each category; each lunch should have four items to eat, plus a drink.



Entrée (Pick 1)

Cheese quesadilla

Turkey and cheese roll-up

Sunflower butter + jelly sandwich

Hard boiled eggs

Egg bites

Mini pizzas

Sunflower butter protein bites

DIY “lunchables” (crackers, deli turkey or salami, sliced cheese)

Mini bagels and cream cheese



Snacks (Pick 1-2)

Tortilla chips + guacamole (or salsa)

Granola bar


Yogurt tube

Fruit leather or fruit snacks

String cheese

Animal crackers

Trail mix

Dried fruit




Fruits + Veggies (Pick 1-2)





Baby carrots + ranch

Hummus + veggies

Peeled clementines

Snap peas

Veggie sticks




Drinks (Pick 1)

Water bottle

Capri Sun

Strawberry or Chocolate milk

Juice boxes