360Fit Functional Training Area


What’s 360FITWell, it’s the functional training area we’ve created inside our clubs. This zone lets you focus on functional fitness exercises that use multiple muscles and joints to help you improve your overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility—you know, the important stuff. These challenging, full-body workouts are not only fun, but help get your body prepared for everyday activities.

Here are some 360FIT exercises to try next time you come in:



Squats are easy to do and give you a stronger lower body and core, as well as a more-toned gluteus maximus—and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

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Another easy exercise that gives you a toned core is the plank. These flat-back, strength-building exercises also improve your posture and decrease the risk of injury.

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One of our favorites is the lunge. These will also give your glutes a boost, and they’ll improve your balance and help with core stability, too.

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Get into the swing of things with this calorie-burning exercise that will enhance your upper body and tone your upper back and shoulders. 

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You can do this one with a partner or even solo. Plus, it increases mobility and builds upper back muscles and core stability.

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